Saturday, November 29, 2003


If my brother had not been there to see it himself, the truth would have been wasted on me alone.

I should mention that we had also been drinking.
. . .and were drunk.

The scene: once again, Broadview and Gerrard!

My brother and I spot someone who is either taking a break from jamming with their "Teen Wolf" tribute band 'The Michael P. Keytones', or is a full-fledged wolfman!
Obviously no matter which one turned out to be true, the night was about to take a turn for the radical!

A couple seconds of gaping more, and our eyes had it: a real, live, WOLFMAN--in our neighbourhood!! For kids that grew up with "Thriller" on their record player, life does not get any better than this! But as soon as the Wolfman realised that it was he we were staring at, he took off with super-human speed. . .and ran directly for. . .Kentucky Fried Chicken. We called after him: "Wolf in the hen house! Wolf in the hen house!"
Which is funny.
And horribly mean.
But we were drunk.
And it was meant as a warning to the Colonel that something wicked his way comes.

It's still pretty funny.
. . .I mean, laughing at the wolfman's misfortune doesn't make us a monster like him, does it? I mean, not monsters on the outside. Maybe just monsters inside.


Are you thinking right now: "Since he's been so mean to that unfortunate man, God will give him a child that suffers from the same condition"?
I'm thinking, "Cool".

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