Friday, December 05, 2003

Google Results Disappointing

So this is the kind of Blog I'm running?

According to my Site Meter someone happened to combine drunk peed OR puked OR vo "shit his pants" into one Google search, only to discover my little hole in the wall. . .as well as a very confusing bit of homosexual erotica involving two old friends crossing paths again when one of them has become so intoxicated that he pukes on himself, pisses himself, and shits himself--which fits the aforementioned Goggle search criteria very well.

Almost too well.

Such nice company to be in. Us 'men of letters' must stick together!

My blog has also garnered attention of Google researchers looking for information on dundas yonge drummer bucket AND Steam Whistle Brewery mission statement.

My Blog was rated #1 by the following Google searches:
"Holiday Inn" and "Teen Wolf" with Christ,
sex-crazed cat mutilators and "chocolate donuts" with "Britney Spears" (it was the only result), and
"Wizard of Oz" hoosegow excitement.

But only came in second when I searched for: Gilligan colon donut, which made me fly into a rage.

In an effort to repair my vanity, I shall attempt to clinch #1 in the category of Google search results concerning Asparagus pee-smell Superman. Only time will tell if my diligence and creativity will be recognized appropriately.

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