Monday, June 13, 2005

Leave the meter running.

Returning from Calgary the other night, my cabbie drove past the bank machine by the Silver Dollar (on Spadina @ College) where I witnessed something classically Toronto: a lady of the night, hard at work.

Bouncing down the street was a tubby Asian fellow, in his middle age, followed by a prostitute (and yes, in those heels, she definitely was a prostitute) who was easily one head taller than her John. I say "bounce" because he was the type of guy who walked with his formidable belly first, and on his toes, causing a bounce. He kinda looked like the Kool Aid Man. The walk of someone either very merry, or with something stuck up their wazoo.

My cab stopped at the lights, and the Kool Asian Man bounced to a stop at the bank machine and started to poke in his PIN. He was in a great mood for someone at 1:30am taking money out of the bank; she did not share his enthusiasm. She also did not share the enthusiasm of some deadbeats hanging around the streetside bank machine trying to negotiate rates with her while she waited to complete her original transaction.

I couldn't decide if his boundless joy was like: a child a Christmas waiting to open presents; or, a child who's just finished watching 'Sesame Street Live: On ICE!'.

The working girl? I couldn't decide if her doldrums were like: a child who just dropped their chocolate vanilla twist cone; or, a child who scratched the mini van riding their bike in the driveway, and was waiting for father to get home.

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