Thursday, August 18, 2005

My First Job: Whale Contraceptive Cleaner.

And I think Parkdale has a crime problem (present company excluded).

Check out this little bastard!

What in sam hell is that bugger going to do with a HUGE bag of natural gas? Make his whole house smell like a fart? Recreate the Hindenburg disaster for Science Fair? What??

Communists can be so retarded. Kids in a democracy steal shit they can use. Like candy bars.

I think Jack's mom would be even MORE PISSED if he sold the cow for a bag of natural gas; at least you can make soup with beans. . .then fill your own bag later. (da-dumdum) Thank you! You've been so kind! Good night, folks!


The Mincemeat Vixen said...

Hey B? You know the movie The Crying Game? The girl? In the end it turns out she's actually a guy.

B said...

I don't know whether she'd appreciate you saying that about her. Not everyone can be a 'conventional beauty', you know.