Sunday, September 11, 2005

Write Nothing Day!

Why do bloggers feel the need to apologise to their "readers" if they haven't posted in a few days (or weeks)?

It's summer!
I'm busy!
I'm feeling 'blogging malaise'!

Who cares?!

I never apologise to the 3 people who read my blog, and I neglect posting for weeks on end!
If I got nothin' to say, then I got nothin'! I don't need to been forgiven for that. I need to be thanked!
My comments should fill with remarks like:

X- "Hey B! Thanks for not posting a bunch of links! --X"


Y- "B--I saw you leave your house today! I'm glad you didn't bother posting about the fact that it's sunny outside, and that you don't feel like posting! Keep up the silence until something cool happens! --Y"


Z- "I glad that you haven't posted about how much you hate Bush/how terrible the war is/how sad Hurricane Katrina makes you--because it goes without saying. Keep not saying it!! --Sexy Zed"

I'm not trying to be mean, but I think bloggers should post because they want to post, not because they HAVE to post. They shouldn't have to ask for penance if their lives prevent them, or their inspiration fails.

Bloggers rebel!
Post whenever you like, guilt-free!
Make blogging YOUR bitch, not the other way around!
And don't post something describing NOTHING, because it gives my NOTHING some depressing solidarity.


Dead Robot said...

B, I agree with you up to a point. Some people feel the need to post their iPod playlists. ZZzzzzsnort** wha? Zzzzzzzz. I don't really give a toss what you're listening to. I'm 40 yrs old and you're not going to influence my musical tastes these days.

Of course Not Well Planned is allowed because she's just so fucking cool.

I check your site at least once a day. Your writing is worth the wait.

B said...

Thanks Robot!
I'll post a better comment once I'm done being very busy!
In the meantime, check out:
"I Really Don't Want to Know" by Jimmy James;
"Huggin', Squeezin', Kissin', Teasin'" by Wilf Carter;
"Just Another Guy" by The Northern Pikes;
and ANYTHING by Arcade Fire! OMFG they are 2 DIE 4!

Happy iTuning!