Thursday, January 15, 2004

Shovel for hire.

Today, in the bitter cold, a homeless man made an interesting proposition to me.

Coming out of a store, into the bitter cold, I was met by what appeared to be a smile with two walleyes perched on top. The smile looked like a fairy's white bedsheets hung out to dry in the breeze, the way they wobbed about in A's mouth. A few of the sheets had blown away in the wind.

A- "Need some shoveling done?"
B- (trying to choose an eye to address)"Um. . .no. This isn't my store."
A- "Got a house?"
B- "Yep."
A- "I'll follow you home and shovel your walk there."
B- "I don't think that mom will let me keep you."
A- "What?"
B- "No thanks."

That's all we need at home; we already have two cats.

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