Friday, September 16, 2005

Someone, anyone, speak something!

Last night was date night for my little E and I.
The happiest night of the week, right?



Last night one of the activities scheduled was something I laughingly referred to as "charity work for my fiancee" to a workmate.
It was the one, the only, Les Miserables. I bought tickets to this SOLD OUT theatre EVENT months ago so that there wasn't 6 weeks of long faces moping around the house.

It started off with a hell of a bang at THE BEST FRENCH RESTAURANT IN TOWN, Le St. Tropez. Amazing! (and I hate the French!). An apropos amuse bouche for the main event: Les Miserables.

Sitting in our seats, eagerly awaiting 3 hours of full-on, laugh-riot, French Revolutionary madness, we cooed at each other and made lovey-dovey eyes. And just as the lights started to dim, and some French peasants entered marching in time with the music, a soft male voice from behind us asked, with urgency:

M- "This isn't a musical, is it?"

Too late, pal.
He didn't need the answer; his sigh had already been drown out by Jean Valjean singing about washing away his sins with sweat.

If some dude has never heard of Les Mis:The Musical--one of the longest-running Broadway musicals, which already spent innumerable curtain calls in Toronto at the Royal Alex--then he deserves his fate without pity.
No. Don't pity him. He's already dead.


B said...

I had to laugh--the poor bastard was caught.

For so early on in the run, there were 7 or 8 substitutions, which I thought was excessive. I mean, who can't make it out for the opening week? I've got some dude behind me who's present, and would clearly rather be somewhere else, yet the folks getting paid couldn't be bothered to attend?
I joked to E (much to the delight of the fella beside me, who was there alone):

B- "Look at all the missing actors! 'Tonight's performance of Les Miserables will be performed by the cast of Cats. . .and please turn off your cell phone'."

Oh, how I miss the stage!

Anonymous said...

"Its purley for peoples health."

Okay, this spam comes complete witht a grade three edumacation and everything, B. :-)