Saturday, November 11, 2006

UNDRESED: Open Relationship

I pumped more iron shooting "Undressed" than at any other 2 week period in my entire life. On some shots, you can tell that we're on our umpteenth take.
(JP, my 'open relationship' boyfriend was super hot!!)


Behrooz said...

Search keyword boyg33 for more videos!

B said...

Welcome home!
I hope that your honeymoon went swimmingly.

This is just a bit of gay lovin' I got up to while I was in college. . . crazy times.

I'll get back to posting zany stories about the folks at large soon; I'm just a little pressed at the moment.
And I was surprised that some dude on YouTube took the trouble to upload old Undressed episodes, carefully edited for maximum twinage.

B said...

Something like that--more like I found this crap amongst all these amazing Brit Spears sex videos on YouTube.

Anonymous said...

How did your father react to this?!

B said...

Crockett's only response when I told him how I was going to be earning the wages I would be drawing from MTV was:

c- "Don't get typecast, eh."