Sunday, January 07, 2007

National Icon & High Fashion

With the recent snap of cool weather in Cowtown, I've been able to dust off one of my classic short-brim fedoras. If I'm to believe the tag under the brim, my little beauty was brought to life in Guelph through the loving handicraft of Jim Miln--thanks to you, sir.

Dashing around town, fedora perching on my head with a jaunty tilt, I learned quickly how to shorten the life of a compliment:

A- "Say, that's a really nice hat!"
B- "Thanks! It's beaver."
A- ". . . what?"
B- "The hat. . . it's beaver."
A- "What do you mean 'beaver'?"
B- "I mean, the brown fur my hat is made out of was formerly a beaver."
A- ". . . ."
B- "What?"
A- "That's gross, man. Beaver?"
B- ". . . I suppose that you don't want to see my rabbit foot keychain, huh?"
A- (leaves for greener conversation pastures)
B- (calling after)"You do realise that beavers are nasty little fuckers, don't you? Fine. . . go back to your C.U.C.U.M.B.E.R. Club reality, where beavers are friendly and dress like roller disco heros!"

Yes. My beaver fedora is hung on a deer hoof gun rack, which I currently use to support my flashiest bottle of scotch.

Yes. I am the biggest monster I know--both from a design and style position, and from a "Mills-McCartney" perspective.


Anonymous said...

Two words: Peg leg. *snicker*
Two more words: Blog more!


Tess said...

When Steve and wife saw you at Rodeo - they made sure to mention your hat to me after... The conversation went like this:

Stephen: "Theresa, saw your friend Brad... he was wearing a fedora... it appeared to be made out of fur. He kind of looked like Bing Crosby."

Theresa: "Yes, that's Brad..."

Stephen: "Yeah, he's a nice guy."

Anonymous said...

Well, so long as the hat was made from the regular brown beaver that's okay. However, any hat that are made from the Blue Beaver must be reported to the authorities imeadiately, because they are an endangered species.

B said...

I've heard of blue balls, but never a blue beaver.
I'll be on the lookout for such a thing. . .