Saturday, February 26, 2005

Sage words.

I live across the street from a house which is covered in the most unlikely graffiti of any house that I have ever seen. I swear that I'm not exaggerating.

To start, even before you consider the prose, the fantastic colours catch your eye.
Then, you notice the stuffed animals stapled mercilessly by their ears to the soffet.
Lastly, the messages:
"Our police are doing a great job!",
"I had a Labatt Blue and Molson Canadian at Wayne Gretzky's and took a cab home!",
and finally,
"Kids killed by drunk drivers can't hug Pandas!"

No, they certainly can't.
They also can't:
. . .play croquet with 'The Beatles'! (for more than one reason)
. . .sit on a pole for the Guinness record!
. . .explore the Scenic Caves near Collingwood!
. . .go through a period of loving Weird Al Yankovic!

Rich lives, full of potential, cut short by someone who should have just taken a cab.
Think about it.


Anonymous said...

I know that house.

He also owns (owned? Havent been by in a while) a store front at Gerrard and Logan with the same crazy assed sayings. Mostly paranoid political messages.

--Dead Robot

B said...

I know the one.
I think it says something to the regard that Drunk Drivers make sloppy kissers.
It also issues a taunt to Quebec:
"Hey Quebec! In Ontario we make love in 156 languages!"
To someone in Montreal, Ontario must sound like Utopia--all that love making and talking going on.

B said...

The crazy house, I'm sad to report, is being renovated!
All the quirky messages are gone! All the character pulled from 20 Simpson and sent straight to Michigan on a garbage truck!
Sure, the value of the surrounding houses is going up; but at what cost?