Tuesday, March 01, 2005

With Great Power Comes Great Responsibility

The beauty of blogs is that anyone can do it.

"From A to B" is certainly an example of just some Johnny Canuck whiling away at the records of his day, never really attempting any high falootin' political discourse, or sharing anything too painful or profound. Mind you, one can find plenty of what my blog lacks at other blogs.
For instance, Mortgage talk!
Some folks just can't stop themselves once they get started writing about something they love, I guess.

In many ways "Nathan" has become a Mortgage guru to Googlers just as I have become the first, last, and only word on Shitzus. Humbling as it is to know that "From A to B" is such a gross disappointment to someone looking for help during their Shitzu-related crisis, I'm not nearly as active as the guy at Printinginfo in garnering hits. The 3 per week I get, after Shitzu-inflation is removed, is plenty.

incidentally, if you look at "Nathan"'s profile, you'll notice that he employs 5 other blogs to get the mortgage word out. Literally, just the word "mortgage", though he has tried to corner the market on "cancer", "insurance" and "Freddie Mac".
The power of blogging to the people!!

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