Thursday, August 25, 2005

When two unicyles meet.

Yesterday, while waiting for the Queen's City Yacht Club tender at York Quay, I saw two kids (siblings, I believe) collide while riding their unicycles.
They were following their father, who was on a proper BI-cycle. (clearly Darwin chooses him, and not his offspring, to advance)

I was a little upset that they didn't fall into the lake, as I've always wanted to dive in and rescue something spontaneously, like in the movies. Typical male hero complex, I know; but Thunderdome needs heroes.

I don't know what possessed them to roll down through the York Quay on unicycles at that time of day--it's a real cluster-fuck with all the tourists and pigeons. Likely just showin' off.

One of my close friends took up the unicycle "to meet girls". Seriously. Believe it.


Anonymous said...

I knifed my blade once and before I knew it, I was sitting upside down in my kayak watching as a small milk carton floated by my sunglasses still attached to my head. After I came up, I went into shock from seeing what truly lives below the gross green Lake Ontario. Trust me, you wouldn't want these kinds of nightmares. I might never get rid of them. They are deeply embedded in my memory. Nothing sort of another atom bomb is going to shake them out of my hallow canoodle.


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