Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Ride Mindbender or die tryin'.

Maybe those familiar with the spotted past of one of West Edmonton Mall's brightest stars won't find the title to this post funny. But riding the Mindbender knowing that it's got a taste for blood makes the experience all the more enjoyable.


Stillhere said...

Hey Brad, no dying allowed here, especially when I haven't even had the chance to publish the awesome interview I just did with you for your role in Decoys 2: Rebirth!

Thanks for the great interview, look for it to be showing up online soon.

Marla R Reed

Online Entertainment reporter with articles at and
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B said...

It was great to chat with you, Marla! I'm still bummed that you didn't do Friday the 13th Part 3 in 3-D! But like I said, they'll always be making more Friday the 13th movies, so you may get another chance yet.

I was also happy to enlighten you about the definition of "cougar"; I'm going to try and discover the male equivalent.

Anonymous said...

The official male equivalent of 'cougar' is 'dirty uncle'.

B said...

See--now, I was trying to avoid the harsh judgmental tone of "Dirty old Man" or "Dirty Uncle". Cougar is a cat. A large, deadly cat, but a cat none the less. That's kinda cuddly.

An uncle is never cuddly. Nor should they be.