Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Kiss of Luck

The other night I overheard an exchange in the alleyway behind our new condo that brought me up to speed on the territorial conflicts between waring tribes of hobos.

H1- (clattering along the alleyway, bottles and cans bouncing merrily inside his cart)
H2- "You better get outta here. . ."
H1- "What?"
H2- "You better get outta here--this is Lucky's territory!"
H1- "It--"
H2- "You better get outta here or Lucky'll kill you!"
H1- "I didn't know this was Lucky's territory."
H2- "Yeah? Well now yous do. And you better get out of here or Lucky'll kill you."
H1- ". . . okay okay. . . "

I can just imagine how proud my mother would be to receive a call from the police informing her that I had been killed for 45 cents worth of cans. Life well lived.


Dead Robot said...

Welcome back! The Internets missed you terribly!

A rigorous letter writing campaign to your local councilor, news media and police will give Lucky his day in the sun.

I got a tour of your "head office" during Doors Open and there were no free samples there. Plenty of people drinking though.

B said...

No free samples!?! Say it ain't so! That's, like, a golden rule at the brewery. I hope you enjoyed yourself despite the parching thirst.

I missed the internets as well. . . but Alberta was providing scant inspiration. My new locale seems to have a bit more colour.