Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Can't Fight Fate

Where do you not sing along with Taylor Dayne's "With Every Beat of My Heart" while wearing a beret and buying NY Cheesecake with a pink tube of 'writing icing' and bananas?

In line behind two dudes buying steak in a downtown Calgary Safeway next to Stephen Harper's riding.

Stopping mid-conversation to turn around and look at me, the only answer I had for them was:

B- "This was an awesome single."

I don't know why I was wearing the beret, but it didn't help diffuse the situation.
It "Ain't No Good".
It was no "shelter" for me.

New EP in '06, biz-atches. Dayne touch this!


B said...

Ya think?

That is definitely not the Taylor Dayne of 'Good Rockin' Tonight!'. Ask Terry David Mulligan; he'll tell you.

B said...

Kind sir!
Are thinking of Sass Jordan?

I think you are; but I certainly wouldn't know first hand what the correct answer is.