Saturday, June 03, 2006

'68 Chevy in Cherry Condition

Driving home on the highway yesterday a middle-aged "lady" yelled at me from the centre lane. I nearly steered into a road sign--she startled me so!

Between the highway lines, holding a fair gallop of 100km/h, the following exchanged ensued:

A- "How old is that truck?"
B- "It's a '68!"
A- (huge laughter)"I lost,"(laughing out of control)"I lost my virginity in a '68!!"

They sped off down the highway.

To myself:
B- "That's some decent mojo for my wheels, that is."

Any takers? No reason the '68 can't still work it's magic.


B said...

I got dumped.

It's good to be back! All I needed was for some crazies to walk into my life!

Anonymous said...

As in a divorce dumped? OMG... I don't know what to say. I sad to hear that. But, you still have us, your faithful readers to love up till you mend.


B said...

Thanks Lilly & Ted--

Never give up on me! As long as there are people as crazy as shit house rats, there will be me.

Beautiful sister you say?