Saturday, June 03, 2006

'68 Chevy in Cherry Condition

Driving home on the highway yesterday a middle-aged "lady" yelled at me from the centre lane. I nearly steered into a road sign--she startled me so!

Between the highway lines, holding a fair gallop of 100km/h, the following exchanged ensued:

A- "How old is that truck?"
B- "It's a '68!"
A- (huge laughter)"I lost,"(laughing out of control)"I lost my virginity in a '68!!"

They sped off down the highway.

To myself:
B- "That's some decent mojo for my wheels, that is."

Any takers? No reason the '68 can't still work it's magic.


Anonymous said...

Aren't you, like, married and shit?? Nice to see you blogging again, B.!!


B said...

I got dumped.

It's good to be back! All I needed was for some crazies to walk into my life!

Anonymous said...

As in a divorce dumped? OMG... I don't know what to say. I sad to hear that. But, you still have us, your faithful readers to love up till you mend.


Dead Robot said...

Holy crap... I was nearly going to give up on your blog and i hear its this?

Sorry to hear it.

I have a beautiful sister in Calgary...

B said...

Thanks Lilly & Ted--

Never give up on me! As long as there are people as crazy as shit house rats, there will be me.

Beautiful sister you say?