Tuesday, April 05, 2005

Public is on Notice: Your Ass is Ours!

Watch out.

That's all I can say.

I just joined a Smart Car Bulletin Board!
We're going to organise, and we're going to rule this city like the Civics were never able to do.

Think you're safe in the mall?

No way.

If someone holds the door for us, we'll roll up and down the Eaton's Centre concourse causin' shit.

Think you're safe in the heart of Yorkville?

No way.

Even if Cumberland is choked with cars (as it usually is) we'll take to the narrow sidewalks causin' shit.

Think you're safe on the 401 and the DVP?

No way.

We'll be all up in your rearview mirror, causin' shit. . . so long as you do not exceed 135kms/h.

Think you're safe at your momma's?

No way.

My posse will be there, spelling each other off, showing your mom something the Postman only whispered in her ear once, but was never cool enough to try. And we'll be parked sideways on your street in all the spots your VW Wagons won't fit in.

BA-zing, bitches!

Watch for us.

Keep watching--I ain't frontin'.
We'll be all up in EVERYWHERE.


Anonymous said...

I saw a black and red tartan Smartie yesterday and thought of you and your blog. Just sayin'

Anonymous said...

uh... that was me, Dead Robot.