Sunday, April 24, 2005

Thar's Crooks in Them Thar Hills!

Sometimes life moves way too fast.

Like this evening, for example.
I was traveling westbound along the Gardiner in my little Smart Dilton, when I noticed some flashing police lights on the Queensway. What could this be? i wondered.

As I approached, my speed a slick 100km/h, I noticed someone pop out of a four door sedan (which had obviously been traveling down the wrong side of the Queensway) and make a mad dash down the hill towards the train tracks. In pursuit were the guys who get to push the buttons for all those flashing lights--our Boys in Blue!
It stopped being a footchase about the time our nere-do-well lost his footing on the steep embankment, and continued down the hill falling ass over tea kettle.
Our Thin Blue Line were much more surefooted, and avoided following the rogue driver's lead.
As I zoomed past, I could see our Boys dusting off the hooligan; the hooligan did not appear to know what went wrong.

Looking in my rearview mirror, I sighed. Nowadays, nobody has time for anything; not even a little rubbernecking.

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