Thursday, July 20, 2006

Well he IS!

As of 5pm today, my little website represented the number one Google destination for "Superman is a prick".

Sometime the truth hurts. . . even a man made from steel.

Superman kicked my dog, too.
He's a dirty prick!


Anonymous said...

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B said...

FYI Yvonne,

This is not a popular blog.

Anonymous said...

Yvonne, no self-respecting cellphone holding in the GTA (or Ontario, reall, for that matter) would ADMIT to having a Rogers cellphone anymore. How laughable! *LOL* OMG... You're killing me, Yvonne, and we've only just met. How cruel.


Anonymous said...

Sorry for the typos. Someone stole my glasses at work recently. I'm not up to snuff while blogging now. :-( Who the fuck would steal someone's perscription glasses, you ask? Why, probably the same kind who would use Rogers for anything.


B said...

Well I hope whomever stole your glasses realises that it's not healthy to wear someone else's prescription!